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Fire Fighting Division

With more than 40 years in the special application vehicle industry,

Municipality Division

Offers the necessary flexibility and a high degree of adaptability to..

Cranes and Recoveries

With more than 40 years in the special application vehicle industry,


Important mechanical aspect that affects tow truck capacity

When the word “truck” appears in any conversation, we immediately imagine the power of the vehicle. Normally, trucks are used for transporting heavy loads from one place to another. However, the immense power of trucks can also be employed elsewhere.

The various advantages of using Polypropylene in the vehicle industry

The automotive industry is changing very rapidly. Now, innovative and brainy engineers are concerned about reducing the production costs of vehicles as well. The demand for lightweight and strong material is rising exponentially.

New Generation Fire Trucks in Terms of Features

Several industries and sectors pay special attention towards fire control and prevention. In several countries, including the UAE, there are strict laws regulated by local legislation. The oil and gas sector,

What’s inside a Fire Truck?

You must have seen fire trucks pulling up in front of a burning building and starting operations to extinguish the fire in the building heroically. But have you ever thought about what’s inside these big gigantic trucks ? It is commonly perceived that fire trucks carry a

A Well-Equipped Fire Truck can Effectively Neutralize Serious Threats

Are you searching for the best fire fighting truck suppliers? If yes, feel free to contact Meraj. We have vast experience of four decades in the special application vehicle industry.

Advanced Fire Fighting Engines - Best Resource to Protect Valuable Life and Assets

All of us see fire engines roaring across the streets and roads. A big red truck with an intricate arrangement of pipes, ladders and other equipment gives us a sense of relief that fire emergencies can

Advanced Fire Fighting Suit - Ultimate Protection in the Raging Inferno

Fire is a major threat which can end lives and destroy properties. Hence, the demand for fire fighting products such as fire fighting suits has gone up in the last few years.

The Modern Fire Fighting Truck - Best Resource to Suppress Fire Emergency

Fire is a major threat to human life as well as property. Every year numerous innocent people lose their lives when a sudden fire breaks out in multi-storied buildings

Why You Need Smart OEM Fire Fighting Vehicles Manufacturers

If you are looking for making your oilfields safe, then you need fire fighting truck, if you are emergency responders, then you have to have the best fire fighting trucks.

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