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With more than 40 years in the special application vehicle industry,

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With more than 40 years in the special application vehicle industry,


Superior fire fighting trucks - Meticulously designed to handle serious threats

Due to constant innovation and rapid development of technology, new machines are being developed. With the help of superior technology, it is now possible to demolish the traditional barriers.

Why are sophisticated fire trucks so important in the modern era?

Whether it is an industrial area, commercial zone or populated residential localities, the threat of fire accidents is always present. Even a small spark can turn into a huge inferno, and it can turn massive

Why are tow trucks useful in recovery operations?

A tow truck is a recovery vehicle that is purposely designed for assisting recovery of other vehicles that have been damaged, disabled or are parked illegally. With the passage of time,

Industrial fire trucks - Designed to handle dangerous situations

Big industrial zones, oil refineries, chemical plants, manufacturing units, factories are often located in secluded areas, but it is important for them to have reliable and quick fire suppression capabilities.

Why are the mini fire pumpers a popular and suitable option?

All of us have seen big, red fire trucks rushing to an accident site. If any unfortunate incident has occurred, or any building is being consumed by flames, the fire fighting vehicles

Industrial fire trucks - Easy to operate and effective in neutralizing flames

Factories, manufacturing units, chemical plants and different types of industries are always crowded with workers. There is a presence of different types of flammable raw material

What are the benefits of using a customized fire truck for Africa

Fire trucks in Africa should be purchased after considering all the needs of the department. Fire trucks are designed to be used in various emergency situations suitable for all situations

Why are aerial fire trucks used for neutralizing urban fire accidents?

The fire fighting department must upgrade itself on a periodic interval. The technology keeps on improving with the passage of time, and the fire fighting departments are familiar with the advantages

How to select sophisticated aerial fire trucks in Africa?

Africa is on the path of development. Governments of various nations are investing a large sum of money to improve the level of infrastructure. In order to combat the threat of fire, several types of resources are

The growing demand of forest fire fighting trucks in Africa

A tow truck is different from a normal truck. The tow truck is designed to provide roadside assistance, and it also helps with vehicle recovery. Many tow trucks are used for pulling trailers and caravans. In the

How do modern features and smart designs improve the capacity of urban fire fighting vehicles?

During urban firefighting, many challenges appear before the responders, and the threat is generally neutralized with the help of advanced technology.

Features that enable the tow truck to provide roadside assistance

A tow truck is different from a normal truck. The tow truck is designed to provide roadside assistance, and it also helps with vehicle recovery. Many tow trucks are used for pulling trailers and caravans. In the

Why are mini pumper fire trucks becoming a popular option in the African continent?

The African continent is slowly embracing modern technologies. The demand for modern vehicles, advanced fire fighting systems are growing with the passage of time. More and more governments are now trying to upgrade their existing system. All of us

The growing demand of sophisticated fire trucks in Africa

Africa is no longer a backward region, and this continent is making rapid economic growth. The governments of many countries are continuously upgrading their infrastructure and also their fire fighting abilities. As a result, the demand for the fire

What is the ideal extraction tool used by firefighters?

Rescue Equipment also called civic hunt and deliverance outfit is used by firefighters in Africa and hunt and deliverance brigades to detect and deliver people trapped in collapsed structures or from a road business incident. At Meraj International we watch

It's the Fire Equipment Fizz that does the Bizz

The top global firm in the world, Meraj International Private Limited, provides the highest Fire truck for sale and safety services. It is a premier provider of engineering, supply, and service for fire prevention, providing a "one-stop shop" for clients'

Upgrade to the latest fire truck to efficiently handle emergencies

In the modern era, it is possible to place orders for specialized products. Thanks to rapid advancement of technology, new products are appearing in the market that can specifically meet the needs of the user. A fire truck plays an instrumental role in averting a serious

The new generation aerial fire trucks have better stability and operational capabilities

The firefighters are able to neutralize fire when they are equipped with better resources and firefighting equipment. The operational efficiency of the firefighting team is improved with the help of better equipment. While purchasing

Guide to choose equipment supplier in Dubai

We think that the first step in ensuring customer pleasure and earning their confidence is to pay attention to their needs.Aerial fire trucks suppliers are aware that each and every consumer has unique needs that cannot

The demand of polypropylene tank in a modern industrial environment

The rapid development of technology, new inventions are helping us to solve chronic problems. For many years, most of us were using concrete and metal tanks, but now the polypropylene tanks are also present on the horizon.

Modern aerial fire truck - An excellent resource to fight flames

Firefighting technology is becoming better and very reliable with the passage of time. It is because new-generation fire fighting equipment employs innovative as well as promising techniques A fire can become violent

Invest in an advanced fire truck that can effectively meet your department’s unique needs

Whether it is a crowded city or an industrial complex, the threat of fire accidents is always present. Fire trucks and associated suppression equipment must be updated. Every department has its unique needs.

Key reasons that encourage customers to purchase polypropylene water tank

Water is a very crucial requirement of human beings. As water is very necessary for our survival, it is extremely important to choose the right tank for storing the water. Most of us have seen water tanks that are made of steel and concrete. However

Aerial fire trucks are excellent options to fight urban fires

Fire is a serious threat for human civilization, and it does not matter whether you live in an urban area or a rural area, there should be sufficient arrangements to neutralize this threat. With the help of advanced aerial fire trucks, it is possible to reduce

Analyze challenges and your requirement before switching to a new fire truck

Advanced and feature-packed fire trucks are the best machines that can control an inferno within minutes. The new-generation trucks are designed and manufactured after extensive research. Many fire departments are now purchasing sophisticated fire

Evaluate your departmental needs before purchasing your new fire trucks

Every machine, apparatus, vehicle or equipment has a design life, and it is not a wise decision to use the equipment after the expiry of the design life. It is necessary to change and upgrade fire fighting equipment because the new-generation firefighting

Why must urban firefighting trucks have better features?

Fire is a massive threat for any human settlement, but with the help of some excellent arrangement, it is possible to neutralize this threat. In many cities, the firefighting departments are enhancing their capabilities by upgrading the equipment and switching

Switch to new-generation fire fighting vehicle and rescue equipment to offer better response

Fire is an old enemy of the human race but luckily in this modern age, we have technology to avoid disasters. Fire equipment and vehicles have considerable life, but they are not meant to last

Switch to polypropylene if you are fed up of corrosion

There are many miscellaneous factors that lead to shortage of raw materials such as minerals and metals. Due to this reason, now there is immense demand for polypropylene. Products made up of polypropylene are far more economical

The growing demand of heavy-duty Specialist vehicles in African mining industries

Africa is extremely rich in natural resources and its vast mineral wealth is fulfilling the requirement of many industries. This continent is a well-known producer of key mineral commodities. In this

5 Fire Safety tips for home protection

Fire incidents happen all over the world and can cause serious damage to property and life. These incidents are common everywhere including in residential and commercial properties mainly due to human error or negligence. It is always

The demand of polypropylene in the modern Industry and Refinery

Different types of materials such as metals and plastic are being used in the manufacturing of Fire Trucks. When the supply of one specific commodity is affected on a global level, it leads to a crisis. Thankfully, it is possible to switch

The need for the modified, upgraded industrial fire trucks in modern times

Industrial areas are often secluded and managed by private companies. Large industrial premises, warehouses of flammable materials are often constructed away from residential areas. Companies belonging to the oil and petroleum industry look for

Polypropylene - An emerging choice of several industries and sectors

A fire truck is special because it is designed and manufactured to participate in dangerous missions. A fire truck is not just a combination of many components. It is precisely engineered, and its anatomy is wisely designed to provide better

Modern anatomy helps the fire truck in its battle against raging inferno

A fire truck is special because it is designed and manufactured to participate in dangerous missions. A fire truck is not just a combination of many components. It is precisely engineered, and its anatomy is wisely designed to provide better

Title: Polypropylene is - The first choice of the Superstructure manufacturer in the era of pandemic and material shortage

Constant technological innovation is bringing us better options. Traditionally, materials such as steel, aluminum, and other metals are used for manufacturing Superstructure of trucks, and fire fighting vehicles.

Title: The Cost Effective use of PolyXT® in Truck Superstructure

Constant technological innovation is bringing us better options. Traditionally, materials such as steel, aluminum, and other metals are used for manufacturing Superstructure of trucks, and fire fighting vehicles. Many factors often lead to shortage and scarcity of

The reasons for switching to the latest fire truck models

This is the beauty of technology that it keeps giving us new options. In certain industrial settings, fire is a massive threat. The authorities take necessary precautionary steps to prevent serious accidents, but it is necessary

The important elements of an industrial fire truck

Fire is a serious threat for commercial and industrial premises. Private companies, manufacturing units and giant players of the oil and petrochemical industries prefer maintaining a dependable and efficient fire suppression

The anatomy and assembly procedures of customized fire trucks

Fire trucks are designed to be used in emergency scenarios. Hence, the manufacturing of such vehicles is detail-oriented and requires a higher degree of precision. The technical experts take into account all important aspects to ensure the vehicle performs

The salient features that make polypropylene fire trucks special and superior

Constant innovation and development are changing the world. The emergence of superior technology is allowing us to overcome conventional limits. The trends are changing in the sphere of firefighting, and companies like Meraj International

Sophisticated, feature-packed custom fire truck

Technological advancement has given us the capacity to deal with challenges and threats in a promising manner. Fire is a massive threat to both life and assets. Certain types of industries, chemical plants, fuel depots, manufacturing units require

Important mechanical aspect that affects tow truck capacity

When the word “truck” appears in any conversation, we immediately imagine the power of the vehicle. Normally, trucks are used for transporting heavy loads from one place to another. However, the immense power of trucks can also be employed elsewhere.

The various advantages of using Polypropylene in the vehicle industry

The automotive industry is changing very rapidly. Now, innovative and brainy engineers are concerned about reducing the production costs of vehicles as well. The demand for lightweight and strong material is rising exponentially.

New Generation Fire Trucks in Terms of Features

Several industries and sectors pay special attention towards fire control and prevention. In several countries, including the UAE, there are strict laws regulated by local legislation. The oil and gas sector,

What’s inside a Fire Truck?

You must have seen fire trucks pulling up in front of a burning building and starting operations to extinguish the fire in the building heroically. But have you ever thought about what’s inside these big gigantic trucks ? It is commonly perceived that fire trucks carry a

A Well-Equipped Fire Truck can Effectively Neutralize Serious Threats

Are you searching for the best fire fighting truck suppliers? If yes, feel free to contact Meraj. We have vast experience of four decades in the special application vehicle industry.

Advanced Fire Fighting Engines - Best Resource to Protect Valuable Life and Assets

All of us see fire engines roaring across the streets and roads. A big red truck with an intricate arrangement of pipes, ladders and other equipment gives us a sense of relief that fire emergencies can

Advanced Fire Fighting Suit - Ultimate Protection in the Raging Inferno

Fire is a major threat which can end lives and destroy properties. Hence, the demand for fire fighting products such as fire fighting suits has gone up in the last few years.

The Modern Fire Fighting Truck - Best Resource to Suppress Fire Emergency

Fire is a major threat to human life as well as property. Every year numerous innocent people lose their lives when a sudden fire breaks out in multi-storied buildings

Why You Need Smart OEM Fire Fighting Vehicles Manufacturers

If you are looking for making your oilfields safe, then you need fire fighting truck, if you are emergency responders, then you have to have the best fire fighting trucks.

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