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With more than 40 years in the special application vehicle industry,


Modern anatomy helps the fire truck in its battle against raging inferno

A fire truck is special because it is designed and manufactured to participate in dangerous missions. A fire truck is not just a combination of many components. It is precisely engineered, and its anatomy is wisely designed to provide better emergency response. The components of the fire truck are designed strategically so that it becomes easy for firefighters to handle the situation. There are many important design considerations and the engineers are also supposed to accommodate all the necessities within the allotted space.

The important role of fire trucks during the first few minutes on the site

During any emergency situation, each and every second carries a lot of value, it can become the difference between life and death. The fire fighters are supposed to tackle the fire within a few minutes or else the situation might slip out of control. It depends on what choices they make and what equipment they are using in the operation. Fire becomes a raging inferno in industrial areas because oil, chemicals, furniture, paint and other elements are present in a large volume. The fire fighters are supposed to proceed with smart and correct techniques during emergency response. The noted PolyXT® industrial fire trucks manufacturers like Meraj are counting on the latest technologies to meet the expectation of the end-user.

Lightweight fire trucks are the future

In comparison to steel and aluminum, the PolyXT®fire trucks and Modular Structure including Tanks made from polypropylene are considered a better alternative. Many fire departments are now focusing on improving speed, efficiency and better emergency response capabilities. They also look for a better fire truck design. The safety of the passengers is also important. So, the truck manufacturers are paying attention to the external strength, design details. The manufacturers are also including safety features so as to protect firefighters in case of any accident. Apart from safety features, the designers are also paying attention to the internal environment of the fire trucks. Such modifications are making it easy for occupants to handle the operations

The ergonomics of the vehicle

The vehicle ergonomics is an important thing to consider because proper firefighter ergonomics play an instrumental role to reduce the level of stress on the bodies of firefighters, it becomes easy for them to travel long distance journeys. The best PolyXT®fire fighting Truck manufacturers pay attention to such key technical aspects. The new fire trucks have a better lightning system to alert other motorists. Such features appear to carry less value, but they significantly improve the response time. It becomes easy for the firefighters to carry out rescue work in an effective manner. Whether it is aerial fire trucks or other types of municipality vehicles, the factor of agility is important. At the same time, the fire truck should be easy to operate.

In the modern fire trucks, the efficiency and combat readiness have been improved due to better designs. The newer models of fire fighting trucks are optimized to have enough space for equipment. A robust fire truck with enhanced capabilities, aerials, pump, larger PolyXT® tanks, foam system can quickly handle the emergency situation.

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