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The Cost Effective use of PolyXT® in Truck Superstructure

Constant technological innovation is bringing us better options. Traditionally, materials such as steel, aluminum, and other metals are used for manufacturing Superstructure of trucks, and fire fighting vehicles. Many factors often lead to shortage and scarcity of such materials. The price of manufacturing materials such as steel and aluminum has gone up exponentially. Burgeoning inflation, limited supply, and geopolitical factors have led to a price increase. So, the manufacturers and innovators of modern technology are encouraging the use of materials like polypropylene.

However, due to inherent chemical properties of Poly propylene material, many manufacturers are switching to products such as PolyXT® Now, the demand for this material is going up, and the polypropylene market is also progressing. Due to industry demand, polypropylene has become the first choice of modern customers. Many features make polypropylene an obvious choice.

Stable cost

The cost of several materials and metals has gone up, but the cost of Polypropylene is stable. It is untouched by inflation. There is continuous production of this material, and there is no shortage.

Better chemical properties

Steel and aluminum react with chemicals. Polypropylene does not react easily with other materials. Polypropylene is resistant to chemicals and corrosion. It is an obvious and ideal choice for making different products.

Desired shape

It is possible to convert polypropylene to the desired shape. It can be done without much difficulty. This element can bend without breaking, which is a good property. Polypropylene can be molded into the desired shape, and this quality makes it very special.

The aspect of safety

Unlike steel, polypropylene does not conduct electricity, and is classified as an insulator. It is an excellent material used for making materials like audio equipment and cables.


The new versions of lighter fire trucks are easy to control even on sharp corners. Due to lighter overall weight, the vehicle is not exposed to tremendous attrition. The brakes, tyres and suspension system also perform flawlessly. In simple words, the lighter fire trucks provide better efficiency.

Low density

In comparison to other materials and plastics, Polypropylene has low density and weight. The vehicles, polypropylene utility trucks, operate easily and smoothly due to their balanced weight.

Superior tensile strength

Polypropylene has superior tensile strength, and it can easily bear heavy pressure, even 4800 PSI.


Polypropylene is eco-friendly, and it is not toxic or harmful to human health in any way.

Some products that use polypropylene as a principal or key material are as follows:

  • Polypropylene utility trucks
  • Polypropylene tanks for fire trucks
  • Municipal Trucks with PolyXT® Tanks
  • Tanks for Pesticide Sprayer
  • Diesel Tankers made from PolyXT®
  • Trucks for horticulture
  • Waste Water Treatment

In the last couple of month, the demand for certain metals and minerals has gone up and manufacturers are struggling to arrange them in sufficient quantities. So, polypropylene has emerged as a favourable alternative. The demand for polypropylene is picking up pace. In the automotive industry, polypropylene is being used extensively. The lightweight polypropylene fire trucks can be operated easily, and they are also fuel-efficient. All of us have seen the growing usage of polypropylene fire trucks and PolyXT® Tankers

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