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About Us

Corporate Philosophy

Meraj International wants to contribute to the development of society by offering environmentally-friendly technologies that have been developed after extensive research and development.

Core values


Our ability to deliver every promise made to our customers and distributors regardless of its nature. One of our primary missions is to associate our brand and company with trust and reliability.


Adherence to quality, corporate values and responsibility hence setting new benchmarks for the industry.


Here at Meraj International, we treat our talented human resource like a priceless asset and believe in not just taking care of them but also nurturing their abilities so that they could reach the peak of their professional capability.


Customers are the essence of our business. The happiness and satisfaction of our customers is how we rate our success.


Meraj International believes in sanctity of the relation that exists between the producer and the distributor. It’s the relation we strive to strengthen and protect but looking over each other’s interest and prosper mutually.


All our skills, talents and expertise are of no worth if they miss the concept of relationship building from within them. Meraj International believes in developing and treasuring relationships with every individual who has ever been under our sphere of professional acquaintance.

Professional Integrity:

Last but not the least, every aspect of our business if solidified by the concept of professional integrity. Honest relationships and truthfulness are essential for long-term business success. We deal fairly in all our business relations, being that our word is our bond as well as our undiminishing identity.

Sustainability and safety

Sustainability is one of Meraj International’s top priorities. As many of our tasks involve challenging production environments, one of our key concerns is the protection of our most important assets: our employees. The other most important part is protecting the environment we work in.

We at Meraj International continuously strive to improve our sustainability performance in all our activities. We endeavor to successfully meet requirements set by local and international regulatory authorities - regarding all aspects of our business as well as our involvement with local and global communities. We promote sustainable solutions in close cooperation with our clients and business partners, believing that a safe environment is the most productive environment.

Compliance with international code of conduct

Meraj International is an enterprise that has been molded in the international standards of corporate practices and production. Being respected and recognized in the international engineering circle is not just a privilege but a responsibility as well. Being a part of the global fraternity of engineering companies; Meraj International adhere to code of conduct and ethics charted by international engineering fraternity down to the last detail and follow these principles zealously. This conduct encompass almost every major element of the company’s practices and govern Meraj International’s policies in customer relationships, workforce management, quality control & assurance, product development, benchmarking etc. Strict adherence to these principles has made Meraj International a member of the engineering fraternity’s respectable member and our clientele is a testament that we enjoy a distinct position in the international market.

Quality Assurance

In today’s highly competitive market; quality is the currency and the capital that can decide the fate of any company. Meraj International’s core ideology as well as its ultimate vision is embedded on quality deliverance and surety. Our biggest promise to our esteemed customers is of delivering high-quality products. Meraj International believes in a customer-oriented policy where the need and requirements of the customers are given primary priority. This mindset is then carried over in the concept of consistent improvement in production quality so as to keep the level of quality rising every time.

Work ethics

Transparency in every aspect of management is one of the primary work ethics followed by Meraj International. Besides following all the internationally prescribed guide ways for a transparent corporate practices, Meraj International also sticks very closely to the generally defined work ethics.

Staying true to these work ethics not only strengthens Meraj International’s integrity but also its reputation with all the clients and distributors who regard the company as being loyal and fair.