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With more than 40 years in the special application vehicle industry,


Sophisticated, feature-packed custom fire truck

Technological advancement has given us the capacity to deal with challenges and threats in a promising manner. Fire is a massive threat to both life and assets. Certain types of industries, chemical plants, fuel depots, manufacturing units require additional and superior fire suppression abilities. Industrial zones, premises stocked with inflammable material are always prone to fire accidents. So, in case of any fire accident, it is important to proceed with fire suppression operations as soon as possible. The fire departments in many cities are familiar with the level of danger, and they have started modernizing their fleets with the latest apparatus, custom fire trucks.

Some large industrial complexes maintain a fleet of customized fire trucks, equipped with heavy-duty apparatus that allows them to handle dangerous fire scenarios. These customized fire trucks have superior capabilities of both foam and water suppression systems. It is also possible to get a customized fire truck that carries certain features as requested by the customers. Meraj International is one of the best sources to get custom fire trucks in UAE.

The instrumental role of a customized fire truck during an emergency

Large industrial premises, petrochemical plants, oil refineries, chemical storage depots require special attention so that if a fire accident occurs, serious disasters can be prevented. Meraj International is the leading fire fighting truck supplier for oil companies. Prevention and control of fire is a critical matter. At the same time, it is important to comply with local legislation and operate as per industry specific standards. Customized fire trucks constructed by a specialist vehicle manufacturer have superior features.

Lightweight customized fire trucks are the future

Gone are those days when heavy duty trucks were bulky. Today, you can request a purpose-built design truck made up of lightweight materials. Such fire trucks respond to emergencies in an effective manner. You can discuss with the truck supplier about the exterior and interior sections. Several lightweight synthetic products have been developed that offer strength equivalent to that of steel.

Adding extra durability and features

Fire fighting vehicles are complex, sophisticated pieces of equipment designed to work under very harsh conditions. After opting for a customized fire truck, you can request some extra durability and features so that an emergency situation can be faced in a better way. The noted fire fighting truck suppliers believe in supplying reliable solutions. Modern fire trucks are equipped with the latest LED lighting system, lifting devices, and roll-up doors. In dark and difficult environments, there should be proper lighting arrangements to ensure proper visibility. High-speed and energy-efficient engines offer better mobility to the vehicle. The driver has a superior and clear visibility from the driving compartment. If you are seeking the latest fire fighting truck for UAE, only approach prestigious suppliers.

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