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Municipality Division

Offers the necessary flexibility and a high degree of adaptability to meet the special needs and requirements of industrial firefighters.

Meraj is the most well-known and reliable municipality truck manufacturer. Our trucks are designed to be used within the city limits. You can contact us for light, medium and heavy duty trucks.

Meraj is committed to create the finest masterpieces of engineering that offer maximum functionality on the chassis. Such trucks are quite helpful to keep the city clean. Sewerage lines can be cleaned in an effective manner with the help of high pressure water jets and high power vacuum suction pumps. You can contact us to take delivery of a customized municipality truck that can be used for cleaning any blockage from the sewerage pipes.

Use of such a customized municipality truck

Modern and high-capacity suction trucks are designed to collect rainwater, wastewater by suction. This unwanted water is released at the final disposal point. As a prominent municipality truck manufacturer, we try to integrate the latest features in the vehicle. This facilitates the municipality to do their job. The pumps used by municipalities in the UAE are very modern. It is possible to configure the trucks with hydraulic drive systems. Only a good customized municipality truck can take care of such aspects.

An effective solution for waste management

Meraj also manufactures high pressure jetting trucks. Effective solutions in the form of the latest technology help with solid waste management. Cleaning debris in sewer and drainage systems is very challenging, especially when obstructions and blockages have to be removed. Our customized municipality truck can be equipped with a high pressure pump, especially designed as per the dimensions of sewer canals. Feel free to contact us if you are searching for a reliable municipality truck manufacturer. Our vehicles are available in a wide range of options. The trucks and other equipment of Meraj are second to none!

Customized Municipality Truck Manufacturer

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