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What’s inside a Fire Truck?

You must have seen fire trucks pulling up in front of a burning building and starting operations to extinguish the fire in the building heroically. But have you ever thought about what’s inside these big gigantic trucks? It is commonly perceived that fire trucks carry a lot of water which is used to extinguish a fire but little do people know that a fire truck is more equipped than the popular understanding. In recent years, Fire Fighting Vehicles Manufacturers are restoring to produce a line of such fire trucks that are proficient in dealing with any kind of incident involving fire. The quenching of the fire does not mean splashing tones of water on the burning materials. The fire trucks are designed to effectively deal with the emergency during fire incidents such as saving and evacuating survivors, cutting through jammed doors, first aid kits to handle the injured, safety suits and so much more.

Fire Truck VS Fire Engine

The concept of a fire truck filled with gallons of water is not entirely wrong. The Fire Fighting Truck Suppliers use the term Fire Engines for such trucks. They are primarily used for extinguishing a fire at small levels such as in road accidents etc. On the other hand, Fire Trucks are laced with tons of other materials to deal with fire along with water gallons. Moreover, Fire Engines are typically laced with fire-extinguishing equipment such as water, chemicals, gas cylinders, hoses, and reels, while the fire trucks are used to transport firefighters and their equipment such as safety suits, cutters, axes, rescue gear, etc.

Inside the Fire Truck:

The Fire Truck is divided into two main parts which are the Driver’s compartment and Rear Compartment. The top of the truck is also equipped with tools.

Driver’s compartment has administrative tools such as a laptop to control dispatch teams, a radio system for coordination, reference books, gas and water monitors, Flash Lights, thermal imaging cameras, and the control system of the truck to control machinery attached to it like the ladder and cameras. This important compartment is responsible for the smooth running of the operations.

Rear Compartment has many tool compartments fit in it according to the nature of the equipment. The equipment includes a range of items such as axes, Halligan bars, fire extinguishers, nozzles, cutters, ventilator fans, water reels, and hoses, to name a few.

The Fire Fighting Vehicles Manufacturers these days are trying to lace the trucks with all the necessary equipment to ensure their maximum utility at the scenes. Like other parts of the truck, the rooftop is also laced with tools and has floodlights and an aerial ladder fixated.

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