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With more than 40 years in the special application vehicle industry,


The new generation aerial fire trucks have better stability and operational capabilities

The firefighters are able to neutralize fire when they are equipped with better resources and firefighting equipment. The operational efficiency of the firefighting team is improved with the help of better equipment. While purchasing the aerial fire trucks and other associated equipment, aspects such as budget has to be taken into consideration. The new-generation fire fighting vehicles have additional features that assist in reliable operations.

The advanced fire fighting vehicles are capable of meeting the needs of missions

Vehicles that are used in emergency operations have better aerial stabilizers. The use of innovative technology means the vehicle will have better speed. Your fire fighting machine must match the needs of the mission. Some missions are different, the terrain on which fire fighting vehicles will be used, the level of local infrastructure, and the local weather are also important aspects to consider.

The technical features and capabilities of advanced stabilizers

In the new generation fire fighting vehicles, you will find the presence of devices like aerial stabilizers. This device firmly holds the fire apparatus and the operating fire ladder. Such devices are very useful and deployed in the situation, when the aerial device is raised from the platform. While selecting the fire truck, it is necessary to check the capacity of the stabilizers. They are designed to quickly level the truck. With the help of the stabilizers, the aerial devices work in an efficient and safe manner. Also, consult with the technical experts to learn more about short-jacking. The level of safety is improved with the help of the short jacking, it is very useful when there are spacing restrictions or other hazards.

The new generation fire trucks are manufactured from lightweight material. It is important to consider the strength-to-weight ratio. The fire fighting vehicles are manufactured from lighter-weight materials so that the fire fighting department can enhance the equipment loading capacity. More water can be loaded on the fire truck. You must consult all technical aspects with fire rescue equipment suppliers and fire truck suppliers.

Overcoming all challenges

The fire trucks must be capable of operating smoothly on the uneven grounds. The aerial placement challenges have to be considered as well. The type of stabilizer that is present in the fire truck has to be considered. The fire truck must have superior leveling capabilities in such areas where terrain is variable. The new generation fire trucks are designed to operate in confined places as well. When better and superior features are present in the fire truck, the rescue operations can be handled very smoothly.

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