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With more than 40 years in the special application vehicle industry,


What is the ideal extraction tool used by firefighters?

Rescue Equipment also called civic hunt and deliverance outfit is used by firefighters in Africa and hunt and deliverance brigades to detect and deliver people trapped in collapsed structures or from a road business incident. At Meraj International we watch about your fire station or fire departments outfit and its capability to be stationed at short notice in emergency deliverance situations. That's why Fire trucks for sale proudly feature only the loftiest rated, loftiest quality outfit from assiduity- trusted brands.

All of the outfit featured is designed and manufactured using the rearmost technological advances, inventions, and accoutrements, which meet or exceed NFPA and EN norms. Sourcing the most applicable fire deliverance support systems for use by firefighters in exigency situations in Africa can prove delicate that's why we give an outfit companion with products from leading manufacturers around the globe. When it comes to changing the rearmost deliverance systems for your professional deliverance platoon or crew choosing Meraj International makes that hunt easier.

Types of extraction tools used in firefighters africa

Firefighters have a tough job. Every day, they must put their own lives in peril and at threat to help and save others. Because of how delicate of a job it is, firefighters have access to several tools that help them with their jobs. A common order of tools that's used is birth tools. Still, if you dont work in this assiduity, you may not be familiar with the type of birth tools available or how they work. Keep reading to learn further about these.


Cribbing is a tool that's used to stabilise vehicles. It benefits both those in the vehicle and first askers.

Hydraulic toolset-

Firefighters have an array of hand tools to use in birth situations, including effects like air chisels, repaying sayings, hi-lift jacks, and more. What you may not realise, however, is that these aren't as effective as a hydraulic tool set that has been duly maintained.

Crash accoutrements

You can find all types of crash accoutrements from numerous different manufacturers. still, they all have a commodity in common – they can give first askers an array of small hand tools that are demanded for all types of tasks.

Strut systems

Having a strut system, especially one with the capability to lift, will serve several functions in a birth incident. They help to stabilise side-resting vehicles that bear some type of recoil tactics.

Firefighters and other first askers need access to the right birth tools to help ensure that they can save lives when demanded. It's possible to buy these particulars, new or alternate- hand, when necessary. This is going to ensure that the proper tools are available to be used when they're demanded.

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