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With more than 40 years in the special application vehicle industry,


The need for the modified, upgraded industrial fire trucks in modern times

Industrial areas are often secluded and managed by private companies. Large industrial premises, warehouses of flammable materials are often constructed away from residential areas. Companies belonging to the oil and petroleum industry look for dependable and fast fire suppression capabilities. In dangerous situations, only advanced equipment is capable of handling the situation. MERAJ Industrial fire trucks are purposely designed to handle wild infernos that can quickly reduce premises to ashes. Hazardous zones require specialized arrangements. There are many cities and suburban areas located near the industrial zone. Fire accidents are very disastrous, and they quickly take violent form

The importance of upgrading the existing systems

The local and municipal fire departments have started to recognize the existing risk. They are aware that just in a matter of a few moments, fire can quickly engulf the whole area. Considering the present danger, the industrial fire trucks manufacturers are modifying their models. Many firefighting departments are upgrading their existing fleet so that it becomes easy to handle hazardous incidents. A big stock of chemicals, oil and other flammable material should be properly guarded. Moreover, there must be sufficient fire arrangements.

The capacity of industrial fire trucks matters while handling major incidents

Industrial fire trucks have heavy-duty apparatus that are specifically designed to manage dangerous fire accidents. The management must make adequate arrangements in a high-risk environment. A high-performance PolyXT® Industrial Fire Truck has advanced foam and water tank &suppression systems made from UV protected Polypropylene material.This technical advancement has also improved the capacity of fire suppression vehiclesupto30%-40% due to less structural weight. While a conventional pumper truck has a water-flow rate of 2000 Liters per minute, an advanced version of an industrial fire truck has a water flow rate of 6,000-10,000 Liters per minute that is almost three times with a high throw range of Water / Foam Monitor.

Foam system is an important aspect for Industrial Fire Truck to maintain selected constant foam-water proportioning ratio. An “Around the Pump” Foam System along with the main pump OR “Industrial balanced pressure foam proportioning system” a gear pump which can be drive hydraulically or through secondary PTO, is sophisticatedly designed and offered to meet the requirement of Industrial Fire Applications.

Industrial fire trucks have become a necessity

Oil refineries, chemical warehouses, petrochemical plants and other industrial premises are prone to danger. In order to prevent major disasters, the management must also invest in assets such as aerial fire trucks and other similar systems. The solution should be worthwhile so that it can be deployed easily. As the communities are growing, more and more fire departments have started identifying the need for industrial fire trucks. In many regions, railway tracks and yards are present in between cities and residential communities. The cities are expanding at a rapid pace. Earlier, the fuel depots, chemical storage facilities were far away from residential localities, but now they are located in proximity. It is necessary to identify the danger-zones. If densely populated areas are near industrial premises, it is necessary to proceed with precautionary steps

Specialities of a heavy-duty fire truck

A heavy-duty fire truck can be modified as per the need of the municipality, fire department or the private company. The customer can integrate the latest fire suppression capacity. The latest designs of fire trucks help to maximize efficiency and performance. The key elements that make an industrial fire truck special are as follows:

  • Reliable chassis
  • High-performance pump
  • A powerful and reliable foam suppression system
  • A robust engine and pump
  • Lightweight, durable, and corrosion free structure for lifetime.
  • Sufficient storage space

Look for specialized fire trucks so that threats can be neutralized in an effective manner.

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