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5 Fire Safety tips for home protection

Fire incidents happen all over the world and can cause serious damage to property and life. These incidents are common everywhere including in residential and commercial properties mainly due to human error or negligence. It is always advised to all property owners to ensure that their house is safe from the threat of fire incidents. You can also seek the help of a reliable Fire & Rescue Equipment Supplier such as Meraj International to procure fire blankets, fire extinguishers, rescue tools, evacuation equipment, etc to install on your property for maximum protection.

Turn off appliances before leaving the house

Do not leave behind the heating appliances running such as hair straighteners, irons, etc. that could trigger the fire due to overheating of wires or short-circuiting. Always make sure to switch off such appliances before leaving the house.

Be cautious about using heaters near certain fabrics

Don’t use portable heaters and candles near furnishing that are made of synthetic fabrics such as curtains, mattresses sofas, and so on. These materials are quick to catch fire from heaters or melting candles. The smoke from heaters is considered common in winters when people sit too close to heaters while wearing fabrics like woolen sweaters that catch fire quickly. It is also common that people to leave behind candles burning without anyone looking over them. In case of a fall of a candle or closeness to curtains or carpet, fire incidents happen. These are the most common reasons behind smoke fires all over the world.

Ensure Electrical Safety

One of the leading causes of fire incidents includes electrical fire in the case of old electrical outlets. You can identify the electrical outlets that need immediate replacements if they are over-heated, emitting smoke or sounds, have frayed wires, or cause fluctuation in the power supply in the home.

Kitchen Fires

Kitchen fires are considered to be more common and deadlier than others. Never leave the kitchen if you have something cooking on the stove. Especially if you are frying items, the chances of fire become relatively higher. It is the presence of certain elements in the kitchen such as oil, gas pipelines, electronic appliances, etc that lead to a quick and deadlier spread of fire in the house.

Smoke Equipment

Installing smoke equipment in the house is a great way of keeping control of your house against fire incidents. The smoke detectors alarm the owners in time about the possible fire threat. It is important to install smoke detectors in every room in the house to secure it against fires. Meraj International is one of the leading suppliers of PolyXT ®fire and municipal trucks in UAE featuring various vehicles such as Municipal & Industrial Fire Vehicle, Bowzers, Municipal Cleaning Vehicles, Cranes, Aerial Fire Trucks, Access Platforms, and others.

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