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With more than 40 years in the special application vehicle industry,


The anatomy and assembly procedures of customized fire trucks

Fire trucks are designed to be used in emergency scenarios. Hence, the manufacturing of such vehicles is detail-oriented and requires a higher degree of precision. The technical experts take into account all important aspects to ensure the vehicle performs flawlessly and exceeds customer expectations. The modern fire fighting vehicles manufacturers have a specialized team to develop and deliver customized products. Companies like Meraj give value to ongoing research, innovation and development. By using the latest advanced technology, more features can be incorporated in the fire trucks.

Fighting a battle with violent fire is never easy even for trained firefighters, and they also require support of modern firefighting vehicles. So, it is necessary to ensure the fire fighting trucks are durable, equipped with reliable components, features and facilitate the firefighters. From the lighting system, roll-up doors to lifting devices, everything should work in a flawless manner. Considering many miscellaneous factors, several customers have started placing orders for customized fire trucks so that emergency response requests can be met in an effective manner.

The external body of the fire truck

Lightweight vehicles operate in an efficient manner. The engine utilizes less power and the vehicle travels smoothly. Unlike the conventional fire engines, the modern fire trucks are purposely made up of lightweight but robust materials. The lightweight body not only increases the agility of the vehicle, but also the safety of the crew is not compromised at all. The technicians take into account all the engineering specifications.

The chassis assembly and other components

During the chassis assembly phase, the position of sub assemblies, axles, engine, transmission, and wheels are taken into consideration. The frame rails, suspension components, mounting axles must be synchronized properly. All the components, radiator, engine, exhaust system, cooling package of the truck are then mounted. The prestigious manufacturers inspect the level of quality during all assembly steps. The noted industrial fire truck supplier leaves no stone unturned to exceed the expectations of the customers.

The final assembly

As the body and chassis of the fire truck come together, the process of interior finishing begins. It also includes the step of installing compartments, harnesses, lighting system and doors. All the electrical, mechanical components along with the wiring is installed in the truck.

Final check and testing of the vehicle

Prior to final delivery, the fire trucks are tested for accuracy, performance and safety. It must be checked that the suspension alignment, vehicle steering is performing flawlessly. Any calibration, if required, should be carried out. The pump and other system of the fire truck must be inspected. Sometimes, the firefighters encounter a dark environment. So, the modern fire trucks are equipped with bright and reliable LED lighting solutions. If you are searching for custom fire trucks in UAE, only approach reliable manufacturers to get access to the latest options.

The layer of paint on the external body of the truck

The layer of paint is applied on the surface of fire trucks through a specialized process to provide resistance against chemicals, abrasion and corrosion. An effective layer of paint protects the surface, enhances the durability and maintains the glossy appeal of the fire truck.

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