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With more than 40 years in the special application vehicle industry,


The growing demand of forest fire fighting trucks in Africa

Africa, a continent that is covered with jungles and other rich natural resources, is always vulnerable to forest fires. With the passage of time, forest fires have become very common. It is very challenging to deal with the frequent and massive threats, but technology has solutions for all the problems. The advanced fire suppression vehicles. The modern fire fighting trucks are highly maneuverable, and the machine can easily put off a wildfire. Generally, there are no population centers in a forest or secluded areas, but a violent inferno can engulf a large area, destroying valuable vegetation, trees and killing animals. So, the demand for fire trucks is growing in Africa.

The special capabilities of the forest fire fighting truck

Fire fighting vehicles are different from ordinary vehicles as these machines are designed to be used during emergencies. In modern fire fighting trucks, there is a suitable arrangement to protect the crew members. The advanced fire fighting trucks have off-road capabilities because in forests and other secluded areas there are no roads. The off-road capability, maneuverability and robustness of the vehicle certainly matters. The forest fire fighting trucks have special ability to fight violent flames.

The forest fighting trucks have a superior protection system

Fighting a battle with fire is never easy for the crew. The vehicles, crew members and the systems supporting the firefighting operations. All the systems of the fire fighting truck are properly insulated so that they are not damaged from very high temperatures. Very often fire trucks have to go near the flames. So, the vehicle and the crew members need adequate protection. Generally, windows and other sections of the truck are exposed to extreme heat radiation from the fire (if the vehicle is near the flames). So, proper precautions have to be taken.

The special features of the forest fire fighting truck

The fire that erupted in the forest is often very violent as it constantly gets fuel in the form of grass and wood. In unfortunate cases, fire changes direction due to winds and can come close to the vehicle as well as crew members. So, forest fire fighting trucks carry extra water and a better system to neutralize the flames. The spray nozzles of the fire trucks are vastly superior, and the fire trucks are equipped with larger water tanks. The pumps installed on the forest fire trucks are very reliable. In the latest, modern fire trucks, various sensors and instruments are integrated in order to help the drivers. Such equipment and sensors help the driver to operate the vehicle flawlessly in off-road conditions. While searching for a fire truck for sale, it is extremely necessary to check the features and capability of the machine.

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