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With more than 40 years in the special application vehicle industry,


A Well-Equipped Fire Truck can Effectively Neutralize Serious Threats

You must have noticed that the red-colored fire trucks appear unique, and they stand different from other vehicles while moving on the road. Fighting against fire is always very tough. These specially modified vehicles are always brought into action to fight against fire emergencies. The noted fire fighting truck suppliers like Meraj are aware about the qualities that the customers look for. The fire fighting engine must run to its target destination as soon as possible. Every second counts during fire emergencies.

It is easy to identify the fire engines from a distance. The large red-colored body of the fire engine makes it distinct. The fire engines also carry a heavy alarming siren so as to warn others. Fire trucks are operated by experienced crew. They are always in a great hurry because there is no time to waste. The large siren alerts the crowd, other vehicles who are present on the road. The fire tender manufacturers take special care about the factor of quality. Generally, ladders are attached on the body of the fire engine to put off flames that are coming out of multi-storied buildings. A large and powerful pump helps to suppress the flames. Generally, a large volume of water is required to fight big flames that have converted into an inferno. The noted air crash tender manufacturers make sure the vehicle is well-equipped to face emergencies

Ladder is the most important tool of fire fighting trucks

During fire emergencies, it is sometimes seen that the entrance of the building is blocked. In such a scenario, external ladders are used for climbing. These advanced ladders have telescopic traits. It is possible to extend and retract them.

Equipment used by the fire fighters

The fire fighters are supposed to wear a fire resistant suit. The firefighters encounter many hurdles in the form of high temperature, poisonous smoke. It might sound strange, but fire fighters even carry axes to chop collapsed wooden structures and break doors to rescue others. The fire fighters also carry lighting devices and radio sets to communicate with outsiders.

Mini pumper fire truck manufacturers

Some old sections of the city have very narrow streets and roads. In some buildings, the entrance point, main doors are very small for big fire engines to enter. The mini pumper fire truck manufacturers understand this hurdle. The small size of mini pumpers makes them more mobile when compared with larger versions. Modern trucks are dust proof, water-proof and equipped with reliable control systems. The aluminium superstructure makes the truck lighter and durable. Some models are also equipped with electric remote controlled roof monitors.

Be a responsible and conscious citizen. Whenever you see a big red truck cruising on the road, just stay out of the way. Please remember that these vehicles are used for saving valuable lives of people.

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