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With more than 40 years in the special application vehicle industry,


The reasons for switching to the latest fire truck models

This is the beauty of technology that it keeps giving us new options. In certain industrial settings, fire is a massive threat. The authorities take necessary precautionary steps to prevent serious accidents, but it is necessary to embrace changes on a periodic interval. The new generation fire fighting truck provided by Meraj can easily face emergency scenarios. The modern trucks are equipped with a better pump, engine, direct injection foam proportioning system and other accessories. The advanced fire fighting trucks are designed to be used in challenging environments and industrial systems.

As newer and superior technology is evolving, it is becoming easy to get more reliable products. Every object, vehicle has a definite design life. After the completion of the design life, it is important to switch to the latest models. Whether you are looking for aerial fire trucks or any other specialized version, just choose the best models. The latest fire trucks have better upgrades, features and capabilities. Let us learn more about the latest features that make fire truck models superior and reliable:

Sufficient compartment space

If a comparison is made between older and newer models, you will find that in newer fire truck models, there is a sufficiently large storage area. The vehicle is designed in a smart manner with increased storage capabilities. There is sufficient room for accommodation of the crew. Modern fire fighting vehicles have sufficient space to store fire fighting gears and equipment on the board.

Better maneuverability

Earlier, ensuring smooth maneuverability for big fire trucks was very challenging. However, today, we have better solutions due to superior mechanics. The modern design features, flexible components, and ability of opting for wide swinging turns has brought better maneuverability. The fire fighting trucks easily get into the best position and start operation. During any type of fire fighting operation, ensuring maneuverability is a critical aspect. The fire fighting truck should be positioned near the building or structure. Thanks to superior features, even large fire trucks can smoothly arrive at urban locations.

Fast response time

Every second counts during a fire emergency. The fire fighting trucks with better features, configurations and equipment provide a fast response time. For the fire fighting vehicle, it is very important to be versatile. It must allow the fire fighters to quickly adjust to the scene and start the operations.

The factor of improved visibility

The driver and the helping aid in the fire fighting vehicle should have better visibility so that critical situations can be easily handled. The operation of the vehicle becomes easy due to improved visibility. The fire fighting vehicle can easily evade traffic and blockages.

Lighter fire trucks are easy to control

The new versions of lighter fire trucks are easy to control even on sharp corners. Due to lighter overall weight, the vehicle is not exposed to tremendous attrition. The brakes, tyres and suspension system also perform flawlessly. In simple words, the lighter fire trucks provide better efficiency.

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