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With more than 40 years in the special application vehicle industry,


Analyze challenges and your requirement before switching to a new fire truck

Advanced and feature-packed fire trucks are the best machines that can control an inferno within minutes. The new-generation trucks are designed and manufactured after extensive research. Many fire departments are now purchasing sophisticated fire fighting trucks that can meet their unique requirements. Fire trucks are a very big investment, and customers prefer them to utilize for several years. While purchasing the aerial fire trucks and other equipment, you should also consult about the technical features.

Examine your key requirements prior to placing an order

Fire suppression systems and fire fighting trucks must have such features that can meet the requirement of your department. Some firefighting departments perform tactical operations. The needs keep on changing with the passage of time, and your new set of equipment must be sufficient enough to meet the needs. With the help of the latest fire trucks, it is possible to address challenges. Each second has importance when there is some emergency. The additional fire suppression equipment must fit inside the vehicle. You must discuss all your needs with the fire rescue equipment supplier, and it is always good to take advice from them. This way, you will learn about the latest equipment that can be used for fire suppression.

Learn about the challenges

The fire trucks must be selected after considering the local challenges. Is the road network in your city well-maintained? Can big fire trucks enter residential societies? While searching for a fire fighting truck for UAE, just consider all these aspects. The new generation fire trucks are lightweight but very robust. The new generation fire fighting vehicles are designed after extensive research.

Collect information about engine power, pump, lighting system and ladder system

The fire trucks must have a powerful and efficient engine so that the vehicle can easily travel to the emergency spot. Consult with the fire truck supplier about the specifications of the engine power. The latest fire trucks have high-power pumps that allow them to put off flames in a few minutes. Apart from the pumps, the fire trucks also have the foam system. So, prior to placing an order for a fire truck, just learn about the exact fire suppression capability of the truck.

It is important for a fire truck to notify others about its presence. Advanced fire fighting vehicles have state-of-the-art lighting systems. The ladder system present on the vehicle should be easy-to-use. The ladder and other fire suppression equipment must easily fit onboard so that firefighters can easily manage the operations.

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