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With more than 40 years in the special application vehicle industry,


The growing demand of heavy-duty Specialist vehicles in African mining industries

Africa is extremely rich in natural resources and its vast mineral wealth is fulfilling the requirement of many industries. This continent is a well-known producer of key mineral commodities. In this continent, precious minerals and important metals are present in abundant quantities. Iron ore, coal, cobalt, gold, diamond, copper etc and other minerals are extracted in vast quantities. Many African countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are very rich in minerals. As the metal and mining industry is growing, the demand for specialty vehicles is also increasing.

The demand for minerals and metals is burgeoning at a steady rate. As African countries are the major exporter of the minerals, the requirement of specialty vehicles is also increasing. Meraj is a leading player of the vehicle industry, and now they are trying to expand in Africa as well. They are also a leading Fire Fighting Trucks & recovery vehicles assembler. Fire Trucks& Recovery vehicles are essentiallly required in the mineral and mining industry. The mineral wealth, metals and other material extracted from mines is used in a variety of industries such as construction, manufacturing, computer industry.

Specialist vehicles help in easy transfer of metals and minerals

It is a big challenge to transfer metals and minerals from the mines to the concerned industry. The specialist vehicles such as mining trucks have better abilities. The surface miners require heavy-duty vehicles that can piggyback bulky load. The large mining trucks are also referred to as off-highway trucks. The terrain in mineral fields is very challenging, and the specialized trucks come with varying degrees of capacities.

Heavy-duty Fire-trucks are very robust

The mining trucks are different from standard trucks, and they have extra-large tyres. The powerful engine allows mine Firetrucks to travel across uneven terrain. The specialized mining trucks are designed to participate in surface and subsurface mining operations. The heavy-duty mining Fire trucks have significant payload capabilities, and such vehicles are far superior in carrying large cargo. The advanced mining trucks are capable of operating in harsh circumstances such as extreme heat, cold and dust. The powerful engine and complex anatomy allow the vehicle to move smoothly on high elevations and sloping hillsides.

Why is demand for specialized vehicles growing in Africa?

Minerals are often mixed with construction sand, gravel and crushed stone. The presence of such elements do not interfere with the functioning of the vehicle. The best specialist vehicle assembler, Meraj is familiar with the requirements of the modern time. Along with the heavy-duty vehicles, the mining industry also requires repair trucks, cranes, trailers and other types of specialized vehicles.

The features that differentiate mining vehicles from ordinary trucks are as follows:

  • Corrosion Resistant PolyXT ┬« Superstructure
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Superior engine speed
  • Better load distribution
  • Extra stabilizer
  • Heavy Duty Fire Pump and Equipment
  • Less wear and tear during the dumping operations due to specialized manufacturing
  • Recycle able Material
  • Better safety features

Africa is playing an instrumental role to fulfill the mineral requirement of developing and developed countries. This is raising the demand of specialist vehicles in the mineral and mining industry. The new-generation specialist vehicles are being manufactured through advancedPoyXT® technology. The prestigious manufacturers of the Middle East use better technology and materials to manufacture next generation vehicles that can be used in the mineral & mining industry.

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