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The Superiority of New Generation Fire Trucks in Terms of Features

Several industries and sectors pay special attention towards fire control and prevention. In several countries, including the UAE, there are strict laws regulated by local legislation. The oil and gas sector, chemical industries, engineering firms and many other industries are always vulnerable to fire accidents. All of us are aware about the catastrophic consequences of fire accidents. Apart from human lives, the environment, operational assets of the company are also at risk. Machines such as fire trucks help in implementing strong measures. With the help of the latest firefighting trucks, it has become possible to effectively control emergency scenarios that involve fire accidents.

After realizing the importance of firefighting trucks and equipment, the suppliers have begun providing the users with next-generation products. The latest sophisticated fire trucks comply with all international standards. Interestingly, due to recent innovation, several new features have been integrated in the fire trucks. The modern trucks also carry a hydraulically operated (aerial) ladder for Fire & Rescue Purpose for High Rise Building Areas. Additionally, they also carry ground ladders of various types. Sometimes the firefighters encounter a wild inferno. So, they carry specialized equipment such as search lights, communication equipment, axes etc. Sometimes the entrance points are blocked by debris and flames. In such a scenario, forced entry is the sole option. Sometimes, they need to rescue from the smoky confined space, where SCBA & smoke evacuation fan are more useful.

As the world and our environment are rapidly changing, new trends are evolving in firefighting. Companies such as Meraj International fully understand the challenges of modern scenarios. The firefighting vehicles of the future are already present on the horizon. The fire truck suppliers are fully aware about the modern aspects. The importance of communication and digitization has been identified. It is the networking between men and machines that provide decisive contribution, and the operation becomes a success.

In the older fire fighting vehicles, the fire fighters encountered a variety of issues. The latest fire fighting vehicles have better ground clearance that gives convenient access to drivers and crews. In Meraj International Fire Trucks, use of Polypropylene material for tank and superstructure manufacturing, which is approx. 40% lighter in weight compare to steel, provide more space to increase the tank capacity and storage of additional fire equipment within the GVW limit. There is sufficient space in the truck to store fire equipment. The equipment compartment of modern trucks is very spacious covered with dust and weather proof aluminum roller shutters. Such features extend easy approach during the firefighting operations. In comparison to older standard vehicles, the latest trucks offer more maneuverability. The design of the trucks has become very flexible suitable to operate on paved / unpaved surfaces.

Features that customer seek in modern fire trucks are as follows:

  • Lightweight Polypropylene Body & Tanks
  • Single Stage Normal & Multi pressure Fire Fighting Pumps compliance as per EN / NFPA standard with priming system and Foam Proportioning system.
  • A high-power engine to operate Truck and also PTO driven pump.
  • Easy to use features
  • Maximum maneuverability in the latest models
  • A robust body to ensure maximum safety for firefighters
  • Comfortable position for the driver to provide panoramic view
  • Optional Integrated additional displays inside the cabin for superior and effective control
  • Manual / Remote control monitors with effective throw range as per customer requirement
  • DCP & CO2 modules for class A, B, C & Electrical contact Fire Extinguishing operation
  • Advanced and superior illumination
  • Large variety of Fire, PPEs and Rescue Equipment to counter the Fire & Rescue Operation.

The noted fire truck suppliers are keen to address the challenges of firefighting. By integrating superior technologies in the trucks, it has become easy to neutralize the challenges posed by fire accidents.

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