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With more than 40 years in the special application vehicle industry,


Switch to new-generation fire fighting vehicle and rescue equipment to offer better response

Fire is an old enemy of the human race but luckily in this modern age, we have technology to avoid disasters. Fire equipment and vehicles have considerable life, but they are not meant to last forever. When your fire truck and other fire suppression equipment have become outdated, you must replace them with superior, latest options. Many industries have their own fire suppression system, and it is important for the management to upgrade their existing equipment on a periodic interval. By switching to the latest fire truck and other apparatus, it is possible to neutralize fire disasters in a better manner.

Upgrading to the latest versions

The technology keeps on changing, and the new-generation vehicles have superior features. With the passage of time, fire trucks are becoming more advanced, agile and dependable. The fire trucks must have sufficient capability to deal with all types of emergency incidents. The advanced fire fighting trucks easily travel in all types of geographical locations and terrains. The management must select fire trucks on the basis of infrastructure and types of structures present in that specific area. Suppose it is a chemical plant or commercial, industrial facility, then it is necessary to have a fire fighting truck with superior abilities. If you are searching for a fire truck for sale on IVECO, consult with the experts of Meraj.

Fast response time

Your fire fighting truck must give you the ability to respond in a shorter time frame. In case response time is very long, even small fire accidents will convert into an inferno. Modern fire trucks are capable of traveling in difficult terrain. Thus, these machines succeed in reducing the response time. Small access points can become a challenge for big trucks. Hence, many firefighting departments have started switching to smaller fire vehicles. The high-power engine also improves the response time of the fire fighting vehicle.

The capacity of the water tank and pump

The advanced fire trucks have large water tanks and powerful pumps. As the fire trucks are the first responders, it is necessary for them to bring sufficient water. The fire suppression activities must be started as soon as possible. Along with the water pump, the modern fire trucks also have a foam system. The fire trucks should have additional compartments to accommodate different types of fire rescue equipment. Consult with the fire rescue equipment supplier and upgrade your vehicle in a much better way. Several types of equipment have to be brought to the emergency scene. In modern fire suppression vehicles, you can notice that there is a presence of ladders, portable lights, axes, fire extinguishers, etc. These’ equipment play a very useful role in miscellaneous scenarios and help in rescue.

Advanced lighting system for better rescue operations

Fire fighting trucks must have advanced lighting systems so that they can operate without facing any challenge. The capacity of street lights and other ambient lighting is limited. Hence, modern fire fighting trucks have superior scene lighting arrangements. Such arrangements improve the visibility of firefighters, and they easily handle the situation at the emergency site.

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