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Technical Rescue Equipment

Smoke Ejectors and Ducts

Ventilation of burning structures with high performance fans is among the most critical practices in modern firefighting. High performance fans provide clear visibility for emergency personnel, lower temperatures and remove smoke from escape routes. As a result, less time is needed for searching and extinguishing, victims are rescued faster and risks for fire fighters and rescue forces are minimized. Whether used as positive pressure fan or for other tactical applications, the Meraj high performance fan is ideal in all respects. Depending on the application and employed tactics, they my also be used with water or as a light foam generator.

Smoke Ducts

Meraj provides the highest quality duct made. These durable and long lasting ducts feature a single-ply neoprene impregnated polyester fabric with a continuous spring steel wire helix for support. Hot melt wear strips cover the helix for added durability.

This duct is ideal for moving large quantities of air into hard to reach places using positive pressure. This duct can also be used as an extension to create a longer duct when attached to another spiral duct.
All ducts come with a built-in storage bag for easy transportation.

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