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Rescue Equipment

Pneumatic Lifting Bags

Meraj Air lifting bags are capable of lifting heavy loads with relative ease and efficiency. Proper training and education are paramount to a successful lifting bag operation. Operators must fully understand the principles behind bag design and operation as well as the necessary safety precautions.
High pressure airbags are anti-static, self-extinguishing, oil and ozone-resistant, have a good resistance to chemicals, cold resistant to 40°F and heat resistant to 239°F on a short term basis. High pressure airbags have a bursting pressure between 32.5 bar and 74.3 bar (471 - 1,077 psi) giving them a safety factor of 4 to 9.3 times the maximum operating pressure.

Single bags 1 bar

  • All-round air bag with high lifting height
  • High flexibility
  • In case of damage easy to repair
  • Constant lifting capacity throughout the lifting

Single bags 8 bar

  • All 8.0 bar air bags are Kevlar reinforced
  • A special dimped surface assures a good gripping even when two bags are stacked on top of each other
  • 15 different sizes from 1 t - 66 t lifting capacity

Flat bags 8 bar

  • Constant lifting capacity throughout the lifting height up to 32 tons
  • Special surface shape for good gripping
  • Increased external edges for more safety
  • Aramid reinforcements for lightweight and corrosion resistant
  • Up to three air bags stackable / big lifting height
  • Large contact surface / high stability

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