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Custom Lightweight Polypropylene Bodies Fire Truck Vehicle Manufacturer Company

The superior features of polypropylene fire trucks

Steel has become synonymous with power, robustness and reliability. Steel is the first choice in many applications, but polypropylene is seen as a superior option. There are numerous factors behind the rising popularity of polypropylene fire trucks. Let us learn more about the advantages offered by the the polypropylene body:

  • The factor of cost - Fabrication of steel is a time-consuming process, whereas plastic can be easily converted into custom style and designs.
  • Corrosion resistance - Polypropylene delivers superior performance over steel. Water is an enemy of steel, but polypropylene and other plastics are chemically inert. More and more vehicle owners are switching to corrosion-resistant vehicles.
  • Lightweight body - Polypropylene is 40% lighter than steel, which makes it an ideal choice for constructing the body of the vehicle. Meraj fully understands the concerns and requirements of the modern customers. We are the leading lightweight polypropylene bodies fire truck. The lightweight trucks are fuel efficient, and their operating cost is fully affordable. The lightweight polypropylene superstructure makes the vehicle efficient and easy to handle. The polypropylene body trucks can easily carry heavy loads.
  • Chemical resistance - Polypropylene successfully withstands the effects of alkalis and acids.
  • Durability and strength - Strength offered by polypropylene is comparable to that of steel. Polypropylene has high tensile strength. It is resistant and non-toxic. Polypropylene retains flexibility and stiffness, which makes it durable. It is heat-resistant.

Meraj has made its presence felt as a custom polypropylene fire truck company. A rich and extensive experience of four decades in the segment of the special application vehicle industry clearly indicates our competency. We are one among very few polypropylene fire vehicle manufacturers. Our high-standard, featured, reliable vehicles help in providing quick response towards fire emergencies. Meraj provides lightweight firefighting vehicles that can be used for combating fire in airports, industrial, domestic and commercial premises.

Advanced fire fighting vehicles require additional strength, greater mobility, and higher flexibility. The lightweight polypropylene fire trucks are superior and more flexible in comparison to conventional vehicles. Due to the growth of high-rise structures and emergence of advanced industrial complexes, fire fighting has become very challenging. Polypropylene fire truck manufacturers like Meraj understand this aspect.

Our state-of-the-art, modified, well-equipped trucks are designed according to the next-generation technology to handle the challenges. The vehicles and fire trucks manufactured by Meraj are designed after extensive research. We take into account all the risks and challenges that exist today. The vehicles supplied by Meraj are manufactured as per the latest international standards and modified on request of customers with additional equipment. Our technical team is highly-experienced, capable, creative and has a clear understanding of modern customer requirements. Our expertise is well-known in the industry. Meraj has earned a reputation for being a competent fire vehicle manufacturer. Apart from being a vehicle assembler, we are also a polypropylene tank manufacturer.

If you are looking for a reliable polypropylene body truck manufacturer, Meraj is the best option. We also design, develop and deliver tailored solutions to the customers.