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Typically MERAJ offers the standard features of towing and recovery equipment included in tow/wrecker/recovery trucks can get the job done, though there are options and add-ons that can further increase the capability of your tow/wrecker/recovery truck and improve its versatility. Meraj assembles Millerwreckers/tow/recovery and has what it takes to keep your towing operation running at peak performance. The power to handle the most difficult towing and recovery jobs in the most demanding situations is what our customers expect and what we put into every new tow/wrecker/recovery vehicle. After devoting so many years to this industry, we have become a leading recovery truck manufacturer.


Due to the following features, we are regarded as the most dependable recovery vehicle manufacturer.

Recovery vehicles are designed with the capability of towing a wide range of vehicles, from passenger cars, vans, city tractors and motor homes

Multi-positional rear jacks, dual planetary winches of various capacity

Boom lifting capacity ranging from 7 ton to 35 ton

Wheel under lift capacity upto 15 ton

Towing capacity ranging 3.5 ton to 35 ton

Recovery with swivel rotating boom upto 220-270°.

Booms, underlift and winches are powered by hydraulic by means of hydraulic pump mounted directly to PTO and shall be driven by the truck engine

Option of electric winch (12V / 24V) is also available upon request

Dubai is a desert metropolis. The climate of this nation is very harsh, but the economic environment is excellent. In the last few decades, this nation has become a hub of business activities. Most people possess a personal car because it is affordable for them. Most of these vehicles are used for luxury, personal conveyance and even sports activities. Hence, roadside assistance is very necessary. The noted recovery vehicle manufacturer takes special care to meet the requirements of the customers. Despite proper maintenance, sudden breakdown can appear all of a sudden. Then, in such a scenario it becomes necessary to call recovery vehicles. Meraj is a noted recovery vehicle manufacturer. Our vehicles perform flawlessly on the UAE’s landscape.

Our team pays special attention towards the aspect of quality. We know that adhering to principles of professionalism makes us different. Our recovery vehicles are known for their powerful capability to tow vehicles. The lifting capacity of the boom is quite extensive. We stand different from ordinary recovery truck manufacturer. Feel free to the team of Meraj, if you are searching for a recovery vehicle manufacturer who can provide featured vehicles.


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