Cranes and Recoveries Vehicles

Truck Mounted Cranes


Truck mounted crane is an integration of chassis and crane, composed of boom, turntable, frame, support leg, and other components. Its mechanical action is realized through the action of luffing, telescoping, slewing, winching, and other mechanisms. Lifting operations are achieved through a combination of different actions.


  • Meraj products adopt the H type support legs. Each leg can be adjusted separately and the span is big, so the whole vehicle has good steadiness.
  • The crane can be operated unilaterally or bidirectional (left and right). The slewing angle is continuously adjustable within ±360 degrees. The slewing speed and lifting speed can be adjusted via the hand throttle.
  • We adopt domestic famous crane and hydraulic pump system. According to customer requirements, we can also choose cranes or cargo compartments with different length or loading capacity.
  • According to different chassis adopted, cranes with the lifting capacity of 1, 2, 2.3, 3.2, 5, 8 or 10 tons and the boom segment of two, three or four can be selected.
  • Our truck with crane has high speed and strong grade ability. It is mobile, flexible, and easy to operate. It can realize quick lifting, which is efficient and energy saving. The lifting height is high and the operating range is wide. The operation is safe and reliable.

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