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Mid City Tow Truck


MERAJ design Mid City Tow truck is an ideal solution to tow light commercial vehicles in the City. The Truck is equipped with a hydraulically controlled underlift arm of 1.7 ton capacity, electrical winch (12V) with rope having pulling capacity upto 3.8 ton capacity for smooth towing. The Towing Unit is mounted on a sub frame made of hollow square sections.

The use of a tow truck

The tow truck is used for moving improperly parked and disabled vehicles. It is a type of vehicle used for recovering damaged vehicles. Tow trucks also transport the damaged or immobile vehicles to safe locations or a repair shop. Tow trucks help in recovering such vehicles that cannot be easily accessed. Please note that tow trucks are different from car carrier trailers. Meraj is a noted tow truck manufacturer. We are known for offering the latest and most featured tow trucks.

We also provide tow trucks with boom. Vehicles with adjustable boom help in recovering vehicles that are stuck in a ditch. In some trucks the booms are fixed, but in some models they easily rotate. Our vehicles offer the correct mix of power. The performance is simply impeccable. It will be an intelligent choice to select our tow trucks with boom that are integrated with the latest recovery equipment. Many vital sections and components of our truck are fabricated with the help of the latest material to diminish weight and provide space for more payload. Such modifications and changes also maximize the durability and strength of trucks.

Contact the technical experts of team Meraj to learn more about technical specifications. Meraj has been the first choice of the customers for many reasons. We are dedicated to quality and our engineering team is striving to bring betterment in products.


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