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Municipality Division

Combine Suction / Jetting Truck

Meraj combine Suction & Jetting vehicles is an ingenious piece of engineering that combines the functionality of a Sewer Suction Machine and a Sewer Jetting Machine on a single truck chassis. Combine Suction & Jetting vehicle is designed to clean and clear sewerage lines by means of a power full vacuum suction & high pressure water jet. The system is designed to suck all water plus mud from sewer main hole and jetting nozzle is designed to move in sewerage pipe to clean it and clear any blockage

  • Choked drainage / Sewer lines with diameter ranging from 4" - 36" can be cleaned effectively by high pressure jetting Operation.
  • Simple Suction Operation: The machine provides a Blow Back System by which silt settled / accumulated in manhole / septic tank can be mixed with water preparing Slurry and thereafter sucking it in to the tank by the suction Operation.
  • With this vehicle, sludge with high solid contents/silts settled in the manhole/septic tank can be sucked from a depth of 8 meters by the Suction Operation. Depth can be increased with special attachments.
  • It is available in various capacities, accordingly mounted on the suitable chassis, and is equipped with or without a Derrick Arm for easy Positioning of the suction hose.

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