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Municipality Division

Skip Loader

MERAJ Skip loader systems are a masterpiece in the movable containers industry. The functional design of skiploaders are set to maximize productivity and profitability in multiple tasks, from construction, waste handling, metal works, gardening, municipality work or recycling. With MERAJ skip loaders is possible to cover the largest working area, reduce the risks of misalignment and simplify loading, tipping or stacking of containers on the trailers.

  • Wide range of lifting capacity from 06 to 18 ton.
  • Skiploaders are available in different versions with fixed lifting arms, telescopic arms and knuckle arms
  • Carry heavier payloads with the high strength, low-weight steel floor, while adhering to the permissible limit
  • Load multiple containers, reduce the number of trips to get the job done with the Titan Skiploader.
  • Pneumatically operated tipping hook
  • The lifting arms are mounted onto a platform that is precisely robot-welded, ensuring better quality and strength, while the high tensile steel floor is strong yet lightweight, to accommodate an increased payload
  • System prevents buckling of cylinder rods when extending main cylinders
  • Safety interlocks covers are built in – controls are managed either through valve levers or radio remote
  • Powerful Hydraulic Clamp System (HCS) for secure locking of container bin and press containers

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