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Municipality Division

Refuse Compactors

Meraj Garbage Compactor is a high efficiency vehicle to accumulate, compact, compresses and discharge solid waste refuse ranging from ordinary to large refuses. Compactors are ideally suited for door to door collections and refuse is also collected at fixed points in containers. These Compactor vehicles can be mounted on any chassis options such as Scania, Mercedes, MAN, Renault, Iveco, Hino, Isuzu Others

  • The operation can be carried out at the both left and right side.
  • The key hydraulic components are all imported from Europe or Japan
  • Modern design, manufacturing according to Client’s requirement.
  • The machine is really productive, with its large holding capacity; it can handle almost anything it can find in those residential areas.
  • In addition to that, it performs too rapidly with its fast packing cycle, which results to higher efficiency and payouts.
  • It is ideal for a wide range of uses such as in domestic, trade, and waste management industries. The machines body is also suitable for composting, food waste and even liquids

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